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Typical Work Schedule: 
M-F 40 hours a week
Base Salary: 
Non-Bargaining Unit Position
Job Description: 

Purpose and Overview

This position will carry out the defined family engagement and enrollment activities as described in the Preschool Expansion Grant or PEG. 

The Family Engagement/Enrollment Specialist will provide Square One classrooms with the tools and support to strengthen relationships between school and families as a critical step towards increasing the success of students. The Family Engagement Specialist/ Enrollment Specialist will attend classroom team meetings to discuss current concerns/progress of children. 

The Family Engagement/Enrollment Specialist will work as part of a coordinated team with the Springfield Public Schools and the PEG Early Learning Partners (ELP’s) to strengthen alignment and transition practices from community based programs into Kindergarten as well. 

The Family Engagement/Enrollment Specialist oversee all Square One PEG enrollment activities including outreach, referral, eligibility, intake, assessment, center visits, and termination.

The goals of the position are to:

  1. Develop healthy relationships between families and teachers that are honest and consistent;
  2. Maintain classrooms at full enrollment as defined by the PEG grant;
  3. Increase cooperation between parents and teachers;
  4. Develop and strengthen partnerships among families, teachers, principals and school personnel in meeting the educational needs of children and the concerns of parents;
  5. Engage parents in student learning and in their children’s schools; and  
  6. Support families in connecting to needed resources within Square One and the community. 

As measured by:

  • Increased parent participation in school events and activities
  • Increased parent/teacher conference attendance
  • Improved student attendance
  • Increased opportunities for wraparound services to identified community based preschools and SPS. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Human Services, or related field plus 3-5 years experience in working with families with young children.   
  2. Ability to multitask, strong attention to detail and organization; ability to prioritize and complete tasks prior to deadlines. 
  3. Ability to work cooperatively and as a member of a team and maintain a professional manner at all times.  
  4. Demonstrated ability to understand, explore and respond to the needs of families from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 
  5. Desire to continually learn and improve skills through training and use of reflective supervision.
  6. Requires reliable transportation to travel between sites, to participants’ homes and training programs throughout the area. 
  7. Excellent documentation skills.
  8. Computer proficiency required. 
  9. Bilingual skills in both English & Spanish are preferred.
  10. Flexible hours are necessary.  40 hours/ 52 weeks per year. Some evening/weekend events required. 


The Family Engagement/Enrollment Specialist will perform a variety of tasks that may include, but which are not limited to: 

  1. Engage families in home visiting services, as needed, using a strength-based approach.
  2. Work collaboratively with program participants to set family goals, strategies and monitor successes and outcome.
  3. Connect families to needed community resources.
  4. Provide case management to ensure coordination of services.
  5. Assist with planning, preparation and providing parent groups.
  6. Complete all record-keeping as required by Square One, Springfield Public Schools and the Department of Early Education and Care, as indicated by project design.
  7. Maintain the strictest confidentiality of documents, discussions, resources and information when working with families.  
  8. Actively participate in required trainings and meetings as determined by Square One, Springfield Public Schools and by the design of the Preschool Expansion Grant project and practices.
  9. Manage all Square One PEG enrollment activities including outreach, referral, eligibility, intake, assessment, center visits, and termination.
  10. Other duties as assigned. This may include classroom coverage. 

Competencies: analytical thinking, decision making, collaboration/partnership building , communication, influence, facilitation, provision of technical assistance, achieving measureable results, and racial equity and social justice advocacy. 

Physical Demand  

  1. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time during working hours and on special occasions. 
  2. Ability to effectively utilize computer software programs with proven ability to have manual dexterity to maintain specific databases and reports. 
  3. Excellent auditory, verbal and sensory skills and abilities.    
  4. Ability to travel to and from homes in the identified area by use of a motor vehicle and valid driver’s license -in addition to traveling to required training sessions as identified by Square One and Springfield Public Schools. 

Mental/ Visual Demand  

  1. High attention to detail involving normal mental and visual attention. 

Working Conditions 

  1. Professional business office and classroom setting.   

Please apply in person or by mailing in your resume and cover letter to Square One, 1095 Main Street 2nd Floor; Springfield, MA  01105. 

You may also e-mail your resume or cover letter to

Square One is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer/Drug Free Employer.