Dear Friends,  

With the festivities of the holidays behind us and the colorful energy of springtime still too far away to celebrate, we are at that time of year where it’s easy for many of us to fall into a winter rut. The air is cold, the trees are bare, and snowy conditions sometimes inhibit us from visiting family and friends. And, this winter, more than others in our recent past, we are witnessing and experiencing a tumultuous political environment.
As parents and caregivers, we know that our children absorb and react to many of the feelings and behaviors that we put on display. If we are stressed about the weather, jobs, money, or politics, they feel it. Likewise, when we are happy and fulfilled, they feel that, too. We see it in their attention span, their interaction with their teachers and child care providers, and their playtime behaviors.   

How do we make the most of the winter months? PLAY! Bundle up and take an exploratory walk -- fresh air is healthy and refreshing. Too cold to be outside? Lay down a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic. Better yet, grab a favorite book and stimulate your child’s imagination and learning through the magic of a good story. You’ll be amazed at how much your children will appreciate the escape from the winter blues!  
If you’re looking for ideas specific to your child’s age and interests, I encourage you to visit, where you’ll find great ideas for family fun activities and much more.  

Hang in there -- the green grass and flowers will be back before you know it!


Joan Kagan President & CEO