The vision of Square One is to affect meaningful change that results in better lives and more promising futures for children, families and our communities. Square One achieves this vision by raising funds, advocating on behalf of children and families, delivering research-based solutions, and developing needed services that promote education, health, safety, holistic development and self-reliance.

Square One supports children and the adults in their lives whose wellbeing directly impacts their own health and wellness. No matter who arrives at the table of need, we stand ready to serve:

Square One is solution-based. We address need where it exists and focus on outcomes at all levels of the organization.
Square One is innovative. We adapt to reflect an ever-changing community.
Square One is ready. We prepare and empower our staff and organization to act decisively whenever need arises.
Square One is proactive. We work to anticipate emerging needs.
Square One is respectful. We treat all people who we serve, engage or employ with dignity and respect.

Significantly, we believe that children thrive in healthy families, and that families thrive in vital communities. As a multi-service organization, every program we deliver and resource we provide is designed to address the unique needs of each child and every family we serve.